Take better care of each other

Send alarms to preset contacts when it really matters.

The most relevant helpers are often people you trust and who are close by. Simply push the SafeNow button whenever you need it.

Safety in your hands

Don't miss when it really matters

Thanks to "Always-Loud Mode" alarms will definitely be heard even if the phone is muted or on do not disturb.

You know when it is important

In case of emergency, there is no time for explanations. With SafeNow you know right away that it's important, who needs help and where it's needed.

Works with everyone

You decide who gets alerted. Whether that’s friends, family or professional helpers on SafeNow supported venues.

Keep your calm all day

It feels good to know that you won’t miss when the people you care about need you. A little peace of mind for everyone.

Feels good to be safe

You can feel your helpers’ strong and calming presence anytime you want. No need to bother them unless help is actually needed. Subtle safety, no big deal.

Making a difference for everyone

and his family

”I can relax, focus on the moment and know, I wouldn’t miss if my family needs me"

Running a company means my calendar is usually packed with meetings all day. Whenever I saw missed calls from my family, i used to worry and tried to figure out whether it was truly important or not. Since my family uses SafeNow, I can relax more and focus on the moment. I know that if they urgently need to reach me, they would get through to me, no matter what.

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and her husband

"Knowing that I could get help immediately calms me down."

SafeNow made all the difference for me, when I experienced a medical emergency. I use the app to be sure to get thru to my husband and my sister, who are normally difficult to reach. Also knowing that I could get help immediately calms me down whenever I am traveling alone or am feeling unwell.

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and his friends

”We should have SafeNow for all students on my campus in Sweden.”

We should have SafeNow for all students on my university in Sweden. On site we do have campus security, but they are mostly not where they are needed. I think it's a great idea to make them easily accessible everywhere on the area. I would also love to use it with my girlfriend and friends here in order to watch out for each other when help is needed.

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Within a public SafeSpot you can directly reach professional helpers on site. This helps businesses and institutions to provide better safety for all of us. Even in areas that are difficult to oversee or can’t be covered due to privacy concerns like toilets or bedrooms.

Reach professional helpers as well

In supported SafeNow Zones you
get fast help, directly on the spot.

Let’s make the world safer. Together.

You know your city best. Where would you want to see a SafeNow Zone around you?  In a park, at a festival, at a train station? Every new Zone makes the world a better place for you and the people and places you love.

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"SafeNow makes me cool down when I am afraid to faint without bothering my loved ones too much."

Retired and alone

"When being on a festival I know triggering the Safe-
Now button will notify help, even when its loud."

Mother of two children

"When being on a festival I know triggering the Safe-
Now button will notify help, even when its loud."

Retired and alone

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No Strings

We believe feeling safe and free should be a common good for everyone. That's why SafeNow is and will stay free forever. 

With every SafeNow Group or Zone created, people choose to take better care of each other out of love and caring. 

We don't run ads nor make money off your personal data. Instead, SafeNow is funded by public SafeNow Zone providers who care about offering their guests a safe feeling across their venue.

Always at hand

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Trigger an alarm without touching your phone. Just pair the button with your SafeNow app and have it always at hand.

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